HAPPY CHRISTMAS! - Monday, December 16, 2013
We at Funsport and The Surf Cafe would like to wish all our customers a very merry Christmas.
The shop and Cafe will be open over the Christmas period as follows.

Christmas Eve - 2:00pm
Christmas Day- Closed
Boxing Day -from 11:00- 3:00

New years eve- -2:00
New Years Day - 11:00-3:00

We would like to thank you all for your continued custom and wish you a happy 2014.

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New Gear for this Year? Simmer Style 2014 - Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Simmer Style 2014

The new 2014 Simmer Gear will be released soon! If your planning on updating/changing then Simmer should be top of your list, If you would like to have a go on any of the Simmer Boards we have some available for Demo in the shop at the moment


The 2014 Blacktip has a more compactoutline which allows for easy handling and together with the two kevlar stretchcontrol tendons and a improved batten layout secures the profile stability. The2 MIL Q-ply paneling in the top half of the sail gives light swing weighthandeling, while the bottom half of the sail is reinforced with 5 MIL X-ply tohandle tough conditions. The main advantage with the Blacktip is that it issuper light and very neutral, so it is really maneuverable. It keeps thedrive all the way through the turn which really help keeps a modern wave boardon it's rail. Even if the wave doesn’t have a lot of push and ifyour timing is less than perfect, the Blacktip still gives you themaneuverability and power to adjust your moves.

The Halo is now a four batten sail from 3.7to 5.6. It has taken inspirations from the Blacktip with more drive into theboard in the bottom turn and a lower positioned clew which combined withthe horizontal and vertical shaping makes it extremely quick to de-power inthe critical moment. All x-ply with the PVC window makes the Halo ourtrademark bullet proof wave sail.

The 2014 Icon remains the most versatilewave sail in the range. For 2014 it has been re-designed to deliver more driveand better maneuverability suitable for multi-fin board design. It provides youwith plenty of power to move and gives you effortless handling in thewaves. The five batten compact outline gives you a super stable sailprofile in type of conditions wheather manuevering towards the lip orprecision controling jumps.

New for this year is our compact waveboard, the Frugal.

The Frugal is a extremely short design witha super short tail  and nose for quicker reactions and sharper turns.It is relatively wide for turning power also in slower waves, but actuallynarrow at your back for grip in the turns. It has a quite special rockerline that is developed from the Fly. It has the same quite curvy rocker in themiddle of the board but has a faster tail rocker. Together with the short tail,it still turns very sharp and above all goes through a tight turn withoutloosing speed. The short tail and rear rocker profile also makes it very easyand stably in a straight line and through chop. It has also beenspecifically developed from the ground up to be more"fin driven"in the sense that it changes it's character a lot depending on what fins youput on it. We will sell it as standard with the big fin forward style quadsetup which is the one that makes the board perform the best in slow waveand onshore to cross on as well as in most sideshore conditions. WIth a regular(small fin forward) quad setups the board becomes more traditional in feeland works better in super fast sideshore conditions. You can also tune it withdifferent twin and tri fin options depending on exactly the sailor wants theboard to feel. 

Volume           Length(CM)   Width (CM)   Fins (CM)                                                              FIN BOXES        
66 L                 210           55                        2 x BT13 front + 2 xBT11 rear                4 x slot box
77 L           210                   56.5                           2 x BT13 front + 2 x BT11  rear            4 x slot box
88 L           214                   59.8                     2x BT14 front + 2 x BT11 rear              4x slot box
99 L           216                   62.5                     2 x BT15 front + 2 x  BT12  rear              4 x slot box
                                                                                                                                    * BT= Blacktip fins

Make sure tocheck out our full online presentations at

Pictures attached below. Photo credits toSi Crowther. 

Video links

2014 Simmer teaser:











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Stand Up PaddleBoard First meeting! - Sunday, March 17, 2013
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Offers, Sale and Club - Thursday, March 14, 2013


Easter Holiday New Stock, Sale Offers and New Paddleboard Club !


New Summer Stock Now in store!

        We have received our new summer stock for the 2013 season, which looks great! Coupled with Making the new shop available to use we have a brand new clothing outlet for our new stock. Please call in and browse.


Wetsuit Sale,

        We still have a few winter wetsuits left! As the water has not yet warmed up properly it's still winter wetsuit weather.

Why not take advantage of our winter suit sale. up to 25% off (Oshea, Oneill, ION.)


Winter Clothing Sale,

        We have some real bargains in our winter clothing range. Clothes from Oshea, Oneill, Musto,Saltrock and Oxbow. Grab a bargain!



Paddleboard Club



.      Are you interested in joining our paddleboard club?

        Would you be up for getting together with some others to do a paddleboard trip on Anglesey at different beaches and down the Menai Straits, and on some of our rivers and lakes?

        The plan is to meet on a friday after work at an agreed location. Paddleboard for a couple of hours (max) then go for a sociable drink later with partners and friends.

        You don't need to have your own paddleboard or be experianced. We have enough Boards for you to use.

We would like to start the club scene over Easter so give me a call or drop me a line on 01407810899 or


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Sail Stock List - Thursday, February 7, 2013

 We have made an up to date Stocklist of all of our sails in store at the moment

We have listed sail conditions via a number system

5= Like New

4= Very Good

3= Good

2= Poor

1= Very poor

Sails may be listed lower due to age/ Repairs etc. If pictures are wanted just send us an email to and we will send some photos of your specified item


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The Funsport Cafe and Summer Sale! - Thursday, July 19, 2012

So its been a long time coming but finally we have had the go ahead for the Cafe. Our workmen are slaving away night and day to hopefully get us up and running for mid August! The stairs were in last week and the floor is a working progress. Watch this space for news about Rhosneigr's newest hot spot for breakfast, lunch or an afternoon coffee and cake!

This is how it was looking last week, we've made even more progress in the past few days!

pic        pic

So the outhouse now has a roof!


Summer is here, August has begun and both old and new friends are flocking to Rhosneigr for a spot of Summer fun. The shop is bustling with our tuition sessions being booked up several weeks in advance. Apparently this is the summer to try new watersports. Our stand up paddle boards have been hired out more than ever and seems to be really catching on!

The RBA Racing Regatta has begun and today is now on Race 3, a sneaky shot of the beach whilst everyone was rigging. Wind is looking a little light at the moment but fingers crossed they get a result!


We have now have a Funsport Facebook page, check it out here! We post a photo of Rhosneigr beach daily so there is no need to check the forecast, you can see first hand what the weather is like. We also post news about our latest deals and products available.

Finally... Today marks the start of our Summer sale! 25% of summer clothing, hats, flip flops, sandals and accessories. Drop in today and grab a bargain on ONeill, O'Shea, Musto and many more brands!

Come in, say hi and then head out onto the water.

The Funsport Team hopes to see you soon!

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Windy and Wavey Rhosneigr - Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Windy and Wavey Rhosneigr

So it was a very windy weekend last week. with about mast high waves coming in the bay but it was actually ground swell for a change. Bucky Got out on the water early for a good SUP session. Looked like he is loving the Fanatic Allwave 9'6 SUP, Ripping! About 10 o clock the wind started to kick in! I was the first on the water with my kit. 5.3 Icon and 86L Mistral Shock Wave. Wobbling out then catching the wave on the way in. Fully powered on the wave. brilliant morning. only 3 out! myself Adrian Jones and Steve Laddiman for the morning. Then of course the wind came and there were about 10-15 guys on the water. All psyching off of eachother. Matt Tuck managed to snap one picture of myself!


The next day the waves were still pumping! but it then turned into a day of 4.2m powered up sailing! good jumping and amazing wave riding. Dave and i tried the 75L Simmer Flywave quad! It is pretty much the most exciting,fun, just most awesomest board weve used! Dave said he was getting purely vertical and in Rhosneigr sometimes its fairly difficult to do that! Where as I was just going for sliding top turn's getting it to release and sometimes sailing backwards down the wave. Getting close to trying Taka's now! The Flywave is Incredible!

We are now offering Demo on the 82L mistral Wave Twinzer! and is only now £700

Some Mega deals on boards at the moment also:

Mistral Shock Wave 78L £900

Mistral Syncro 117L £900

Mistral Twinzer 74L + 90L £1079

Wind has died and within a day the waves had completely gone! enough for an excellent surf lesson! They managed to stand up in the 2 hours we were on the water! Fantastic work!

So, The wind is back again looking like it could be another epic few days! But only one issue! Its bloody pooring down! check it out for yourselves!


So i Hope to see everyone on the water this weekend! and We will make sure the kettle is on! Bring your own biscuits though!

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It's been a while - Saturday, June 9, 2012

So the shop has been super busy this past week with half term and also jubilee weekend. for us it was a pretty big thing in rhosneigr. and crowds of people gathered for the weekend. There was a few days of action on the high street. With Sunday being a write off, Monday brought everyone out and it became an absolutely beautiful day. First of all there was a parade on the high street with all the children all dressed up looking great, our seren came third in the parade! There was a woman doing balloon art on the high street outside of fat face, Then the big event was a band on outside the sandymount club, One band was Crwydro which were absolutely amazing with lead singer Cai Pattinson! Good Job guys! Also down on the beach we held a Welly Wanging competition. Which Dave won! Nice one, beating all the children. The weekend was a big success! very busy in Rhosneigr. George Sampson the dancer was about and bough some Reef Flip flops! And apparently jack whitehall was in the village.

pic        pic

Tuition is kicking off at the moment also, with alot of windsurfing lessons and SUPing the new craze! all going well. keeping us busy. Hiring is also doing amazingly well, almost everyday the SUP's or surfboards are out on the water. Kitesurfing lessons going on today also. Westerly winds coming in.

Yesterday was a massive day in the bay. about 30-35 knots. West North West so wasn't bang onshore, some starboard tack action for a change. Sometimes getting a little freaked out, waves probably logo-mast high at times on the drop of the high tide. Real good backside riding and some wierdly nice starboard tack jumping. Never thought i would say i enjoyed a session on starboard but i think slowly becoming handy on it. Today its still windy! Dave going out on a 9, guys out on 7-9m kites. abit more westerly today definitely a kiting day. Right Better crack on, See you guys on the water!

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BWA - Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BWA Round 1- Rhosneigr

So its the time of year again. The first stop to the BWA tour has been and gone. All in all a very good event held here in Rhosneigr. We ended up with 2 days of wind.

The Friday we had about 15-20 knots North Westerly so it was port tack wave riding over on the cymyran side of the bay. Where we managed to run most of the pro's single elimination up to the final! where the wind actually started to die off slightly. Then the Friday night everyone went to the Dry Ski Slope in Llandudno, which was great. A good crowd over there.

Saturday ended up with a no-winder. Today was the day of registration for all the Amateur/Womens/Masters and Youth fleets.This year we had a massive 52 competitors in total which everyone was definitely pleased about. Sun was out plenty of people around and keeping us on our toe's over here at the shop. Saturday night ended up with a good doo at the Sandymount Club on the Rhosneigr High Street. They put on a great spread for us, Curry! At least 40 people ended up coming for the food and from then on i don't really remember much. So a great sign of a good night. We did try to make it a themed night by making it Olympics fancy dress. Proffitt,Jystina, Shillito, Lewis and Muzza put some thought into it and all came dressed up which was brilliant. Myself(Liam) and Ben Todd ended up going as some St.Lucian olympians, The Lycra shorts came out!

So Sunday was the big day about 25 knots early on blowing up to a possible 35 knots at the end of the day. With the swell building all through the day. We managed to run a single for all the competitors and also a double for the Pro's. It was definitely classic Rhosneigr conditions. With the South Westerly and also some big swell by the end of the day. Amateur Scotty Mcdowell was ripping all day and actually scored the highest score Head judge Duncan Coombs has ever seen with a 17/20. Well done Scott! The Youth fleet were definitely getting some good action out on the water with some big airs. We actually had an 11 year old competing this year and was impressing everyone. Jystina Sniady ended up taking the Womens 1st! Well done Jystina! Some Amazing riding and nice Forwards!The Pro Final was very exciting stuff! Big tweaked pushies, some huge double attempts and some crazy taka's. I think Phil used some of his local knowledge and came out victorious in the end!

Thanks to everyone that came to the event and also to everyone that helped in the organization over the weekend! Top work!

Overall results for the comp:

Pro Fleet:

1st - Phil Horrocks (Tabou/Gaastra/Funsport)

2nd- Adam Lewis (Point 7/Quattro)

3rd- Ben Proffitt (Simmer style/Funsport)


1st- Scott Mcdowell

2nd- Alfie Hart

3rd- Tom Bennett-Lloyd


1st- Jystina Sniady

2nd- Lucy Robson

3rd- Sofia Gilje


1st- Davy Edmiston

2nd- Ed Heath

3rd- Mark Lloyd

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BWA Round 1- Rhosneigr - Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This week has been a busy one! prepping for the BWA Round 1 over here in Rhosneigr, Tidying the extension ready for a briefing room and also signing up! Also somewhere to go when its raining outside! We are getting goodies ready for all the winners! Supported by O'Shea clothing, Circle One, North/Fanatic.

Also going to be busy making about 150 sandwiches for all the competitors!

We have sorted out our competition and that is going on at the Sandymount in Rhosneigr! We have also decided that there is going to be a themed Fancy Dress of:


So get your outfits ready!

Talking of Olympics. The sad news has hit us that Windsurfing has now been taken out of the olympic fleet for 2016! And replaced by Kitesurfing!

pic        pic

So the forecast is getting windier everyday! Tomorrow looks like it could be a good days training ready for the weekends competition!

Sunday could also be the big day!

Hopefully see everybody on friday in Rhosneigr or at the Ski Slope in Llandudno to register for the event this weekend!

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