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Dakine Wai Wai Pad

Picture of Dakine Wai Wai Pad
Covers the mast base to protect your toes.


ION Amara Half Finger Wetsuit Gloves

Picture of ION Amara Half Finger Wetsuit Gloves
Thin protection gloves for windsurfing, wakeboarding, sailing etc.


ION Fixed harness lines

Picture of ION Fixed harness lines
Classic harness lines, durable and well fitted (non twisting)


ION Footstrap

Picture of ION Footstrap
Durable, comfortable and soft windsurfing footstrap. Sold by one piece.


ION Mastbase Protector

Picture of ION Mastbase Protector
Protect your toes during windsurfing manoeuvres. Fits tendons and traditional universal joints.


ION uphaul

Picture of ION uphaul
uphaul from ION


O'Shea Roof Rack Pads

Picture of O'Shea Roof Rack Pads
Easy attachment onto all styles of roof racks


Simmer RDM Aluminum Extension

Picture of Simmer RDM Aluminum Extension
Super durable, great design, quick release UNIVERSAL pin System, 2cm adjustment. 2 sizes.


Simmer RDM Carbon Extension

Picture of Simmer RDM Carbon Extension
100% Carbon, Reduced Diameter; quick release UNIVERSAL pin System; 2cm scale; two sizes.


Simmer SDM Aluminum Extension

Picture of Simmer SDM Aluminum Extension
Standard Diameter, classic desig, very durable fantastic quality. 2 sizes. Universal Pin.


Simmer TENDON Base

Picture of Simmer TENDON Base
Durable and replaceable TENDON design. Easy to use product in great quality.



Picture of Simmer UPHAUL
Very durable, tight and comfortable to use. Great value.


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