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Simmer Style Sails

Picture of Simmer Style Sails
The Simmer Style brand has more than 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality windsurfing equipment. Click Above to view the Simmer Style Range


Simmer TENDON Base

Picture of Simmer TENDON Base
Durable and replaceable TENDON design. Easy to use product in great quality.


Simmer Twin World Wave Fin

Picture of Simmer Twin World Wave Fin
Designed with a low aspect profile, for more bottom end power to thrive in average - type environments.


Simmer TwinWave Fin

Picture of Simmer TwinWave Fin
A twin fin setup, designed primarily for sideshore winds and powerful waves.



Picture of Simmer UPHAUL
Very durable, tight and comfortable to use. Great value.


Simmer V Line (Alu)

Picture of Simmer V Line (Alu)
The V-Line boom sets a new standard for aluminium booms, challenging the best carbon booms in stiffness at a great price.


Simmer WHITE Line Aluminum Boom

Picture of Simmer WHITE Line Aluminum Boom
Qyality & Performance on a shoestring budget; 3 sizes with 29mm Monocoque Profile. 26mm Tapered to 29mm available in 140-195


Used Sail list

Picture of Used Sail list
Click here to view our updated used sail list.


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