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Simmer Style BlackTip 2018

Picture of Simmer Style BlackTip 2018
The 2018 Blacktip presents the best overall combination of drive and maneuverability in our wave sail range. Blacktip is the most popular choice for the modern progressive wave riding style when you have multiple factors at play like apparent wind, gusty power bands, competitive crowds, and the need to get planing quickly to get out of trouble.

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I SUP (Inflatable) Grom 7.8 HD

Picture of I SUP (Inflatable) Grom 7.8 HD
The Grom is the best kids specific board on the market, The "little banana" is super stable, suitable for true Groms with a weight of 45kg or less. comes with its kids adjustable paddle.


Oshea Fish 6'4

Picture of Oshea Fish 6'4


Oshea Fish 6'11

Picture of Oshea Fish 6'11


Oshea Malibu 9'0

Picture of Oshea Malibu 9'0


North Super Hero 2018

Picture of North Super Hero 2018
The consistent evolution of the legendary HERO makes the SUPER HERO the ultimate World Cup wave sail with an extremely wide range of use.


Simmer Style Flywave G3 85

Picture of Simmer Style Flywave G3 85
The Flywave is designed to excel in the best breaks and never limit the rider regardless of how heavy the wave is or how hard the rider charges


Fanatic FreeWave STB 95

Picture of Fanatic FreeWave STB 95
The FreeWave STB is the innovative design that has replaced the 10 year success story of the classic Fanatic FreeWave. The perfect blend of the Stubby and FreeWave makes this an exciting hybrid line with lots to give.


Fanatic Grip 89 2018

Picture of Fanatic Grip 89 2018
The Grip is Fanatics new all-in-one wave weapon. The favourite board of World Champion Victor Fernandez, you’re going to love this red hot performance stick too. Set your Grip and rip!


Used Sail list

Picture of Used Sail list
Click here to view our updated used sail list.


Carver Skateboards

Picture of Carver Skateboards
We stock a variety of Carver Surf Skates. These boards are epic for surf simulation and improving your carving and body commitment to turns.



Picture of Cressi
We are a Cressi Dealer specialising in Spear Fishing for the Local area, however we can stock anything from the Cressi Range. Click above to view the Cressi Catalogue


Rental Equipment and Charges

Picture of Rental Equipment and Charges
Here at FUNSPORT we have a comprehensive selection of watersports equipment for hire. From kids bodyboards through to top of the range Windsurf and Kitesurf kit. Click on the list below to see our equipment and hire charges.


North Directional Boards

Picture of  North Directional Boards
Click here to explore the North Kiteboarding Product Range


North Bar and Lines

Picture of  North Bar and Lines
Click here to explore the North Kiteboarding Product Range


North Twin Tip Boards

Picture of North Twin Tip Boards
Click here to explore the North Kiteboarding Product Range


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