Rhosneigr: The home of champions

Rhosneigr: The home of champions

After both Phil Horrocks and Cori McFarlane, local Rhosniger sailors, won this years BWA wave classics, we have been itching at the chance to speech to them and get the low down about the events and their windsurfing career. We had the pleasure to sit down with BWA’s Men Champion: Phil. After a few years of no competitions it has been great to see windsurfers back on the water competing. here’s a little of what he had to say about the matter!

Funsport: Tiree looked like another amazing turn out, what were a few of your most memorable moments from the event?

Phil: The most memorable was probably rigging up in the dark at the Maze, trying to guess what size to rig when you can’t even see the water?!! not something I’d do at home!!. The second would be making our own entertainment in the pub after after a long day at the beach!

Funsport: What first got you into windsurfing? 

Phil: Just jumping on some old gear and having a go myself, I guess figuring it out as I went felt good

Funsport: Who’s your biggest idol and why? 

Phil: There’s a lot of guys I admire for their professional, dedicated approach to pushing things in their sailing, but to be on the same team as Ricardo Campello and watch him sailing in Gran Canaria was something else, he was such a talent and would do so may things and land stuff you didn’t think was possible.. genuinely super exciting to watch, a natural talent that inspires

Funsport: What do you have in mind for your windsurfing future?

Phil: Scoring more good conditions, you can’t beat the feeling of windsurfing when its at its best! Chile is the immediate plan.. next year? lets see?

Funsport: If you could do any windsurf move what would it be?

Phil: doubles on tap… I’ve done lots in the past, but never had them super consistent, when you get them its sweet, but its an all in move..

Funsport: What’s the best piece of windsurf advice anyones ever given you?( For all those aspiring windsurfers)

Phil: In my early UK comps I watched chris audsley sail at a freestyle event and I was amazed by his willy skippers, I asked how did you learn that? he just said practise! Later at World Cup events I was sharing a bunker with Kevin Pritchard in Gran Canaria and he was doing 1 hand 1 foot backloops all the time, I asked how he learnt them, he said practise too!! so there’s a lot of that involved, but get someone to film you is probably my best advise to someone else, look at what you think you are doing and what you should be doing.. then practise some more!!

Funsport: What’s your favourite windsurfing spot? Phil: Rhosneigr obviously!!

Funsport: What’s one spot you would love to sail?Mauritius looks sweet, Ireland can be epic.. Gnarloo… the list is long 🙂

Funsport: Lastly, will you be competing in next year’s BWA Rhosniger wave classic?

Phil: In there like swim wear!! 🙂