Rhosneigr is home to one of the best kitesurfing locations in the UK and we believe it is the best place to learn too. Rhosneigr is one of the windiest places in the UK and as we teach in a bay, is a safe place to learn. We run a huge range of tailored courses to fit any level of rider, from complete beginner with no prior water sport experience to intermediate and advanced kitesurfers looking to improve their skills on twin tip, wave/ strapless board or foil.

Beginner lessons 

Elements covered for beginners:

  • Theory covering the kite controls and wind window
  • Setting up the equipment
  • Site assessment and underpinning knowledge
  • Completing water safety
  • Kite control
  • Body dragging
  • Water re launch
  • Water pack down
  • Introduction to board skills
  • Water starts in both directions
  • Riding in both directions

Intermediate lessons

​Elements covered for intermediates:

  • Riding independently
  • Riding confidently on each tack
  • Completing smooth transitions
  • Deep water pack down
  • Riding upwind on both tacks
  • Landing and launching kite independently

Advanced lessons

Elements covered for advanced lessons on a twin tip:

  • Jumping
  • Back rolls
  • Front rolls
  • Maximising jump hight techniques
  • Board grabs
  • Downloops and kite loops

Strapless/ Wave riding lessons

Elements covered for strapless/ wave riding lessons:

  • Board start
  • Swapping feet
  • Jibes
  • Wave riding front and back side
  • Bottom turns and top turns
  • Airs
  • Duck tacks
  • Strapless rotations and tricks

Foiling lessons

Elements covered for foil lessons:

  • Theory
  • Board starts
  • Riding heel and toe side
  • Jibing