Kitesurfing Lessons

At Funsport Rhosneigr we have an array of ideal conditions which allow us to run premium kitesurfing lessons for a whole range of abilities. 

Beginner lessons 

* Theory covering the kite controls and wind window * Setting up the equipment * Site assessment and underpinning knowledge * Completing water safety * Kite control * Body dragging * Water re launch * Water pack down * Introduction to board skills * Water starts in both directions * Riding in both directions

Intermediate lessons

* Riding independently * Riding confidently on each tack * Completing smooth transitions * Deep water pack down * Riding upwind on both tacks * Landing and launching kite independently

Advanced lessons

* Jumping * Back rolls * Front rolls * Maximising jump hight techniques * Board grabs * Downloops and kite loops

Strapless/ Wave riding lessons

* Board start * Swapping feet * Jibes * Wave riding front and back side * Bottom turns and top turns * Airs * Duck tacks * Strapless rotations and tricks

Foiling lessons

* Theory * Board starts * Riding heel and toe side * Jibing


We can’t guarantee wind everyday so all of our courses have to be pre-arranged with an instructor. This can be done by calling the store or giving us an email and arranging a desired date.

Group Kitesurfing Lesson

2 hour group lessons of up to 3 people. 16+ yrs.


1-1 Kitesurfing Lesson

1-1 2 hour kitesurfing lesson