Surfing Lessons

We provide surf lessons for all ages and abilities, all the information as to how we can get you out on the water can be found below.

Beginner Surf

*An overview of the beach *Safety checks, acknowledgement of conditions and understanding waves *Introduction to gear and functionalities *Explanation of different pop up to techniques ( how to stand up!)  *Entering the water and paddling techniques  *Standing up on the water *Introduction to wave riding  *Learning how position and move yourself throughout the water 

Intermediate lessons

* Surfing independently * Wave selection * Advancing knowledge in positing in a line up * Learn to read set waves * Advanced pop up technique

Advanced lessons

* Learning to surf a lower litre Board * Duck dive techniques * Improved technique in posting for efficient pop up


We can’t guarantee wind everyday so all of our courses have to be pre-arranged with an instructor. This can be done by calling the store or giving us an email and arranging a desired date.

Group Surf Lesson

1 hour group lessons of up to 6 people.


1-1 Surf lesson

1-1 1 hour surf lesson