Rhosneigr is home to one of the best windsurfing locations in the UK and we believe it is the best place to learn too. Rhosneigr is one of the windiest places in the UK and as we teach in a bay, is a safe place to learn. We run a huge range of tailored courses to fit any level of rider, from complete beginner with no prior water sport experience to intermediate and advanced windsurfers looking to improve their planning carve gybes, wave skills and jumping techniques. 

Beginner windsurfing lessons

Elements covered for beginners tuition:

  • Completing water safety and self rescue
  • Theory covering wind awareness and points of sail
  • Rigging ( setting up the equipment, the board and rig)
  • Carrying and launching kit
  • Introduction to board skills – Secure position, sailing position, Steering and tacking the board
  • Sailing upwind
  • Introduction to improved tacking
  • Introduction to Gybing

Intermediate windsurfing lessons

Elements covered for Intermediates tuition:

  • Launching and landing ( beach start techniques)
  • Introduction to Harnessing or improving harnessing skills
  • Getting going and early planning
  • Steering and sailing upwind dagger-boardless
  • Footstrap techniques
  • Blasting control
  • Fast tacking
  • Gybing
  • Choosing and understanding the right board and rig
  • Rigging and tuning

Advanced windsurfing lessons

Elements covered for advanced tuition:

  • Introduction to wave sailing
  • Basic wave skills
  • Jumping techniques
  • Planning Carve gybing
  • Fast tacking
  • Water starting