Wing Foiling Lessons

At funsport our experienced passionate instructors can teach lessons from first timers who have never seen a wing all the way to advanced sailors looking to improve jumping techniques on the foil.

Beginner wing foiling lessons

* Introduction to wind foiling (understand the foundation of knowledge and skills required to wing foil) * Safety briefing * Basic wing control, learning to control the wing on the beach * Introduction to using a wing on a high floatation board * Introduction to getting going * Basic Control of speed and direction * Tips on stance adjustment to aid in power control, speed, trimming and direction * Basic turns, rescue techniques and wing handling skills * Self rescue

Intermediate wing foiling lessons

* Having grasped the basics or wing riding, progression will be made to fly whilst on a hydrofoil * Safety and equipment considerations * Techniques to control take off of the foil * Tips to maintain lift of the foil * Speed handling and stopping * Basic and Improved turning * Control * Changing direction on both tacks

Advanced wing foiling lessons

* Advanced turning * Jumping the foil * Introduction to Freestyle * Pumping the wing * Introduction to wave riding


We can’t guarantee wind everyday so all of our courses have to be pre-arranged with an instructor. This can be done by calling the store or giving us an email and arranging a desired date.

Group Wing foiling lessons

2 hour group lessons of up to 3 people. 16+ yrs 2 hours:


Group Zero to Hero 6 hours over 3 sessions:

3 x 2 hour sessions - group lessons up to 3 people . 16+ yrs


1-1 Wing Lesson 2 Hours: £140

1-1 2 hour lesson