North Kiteboarding Ladies ‘WooHoo’ 5’6” *Ex-Demo*


Ladies WooHoo Directional Kitesurf board.

Size : 5’6″ x 17 1/2″ x 1 15/16″ – 19.4L

North does more than just cater to the male demographic of riders. They make boards for women riders, too. North’s Woohoo Kitesurfing Board pays tribute to all women that like to ride fast, have control, and go kitesurfing in any water condition. When you’re riding, you’ll want to shout, “Woohoo!” as you zip past the shoreline.

The Woohoo has been wowing the ladies for a few years now, and with good reason. Girls are usually lighter than guys, and getting the right surfboard to suit their weight is important. Riding a board that is too big will make it difficult to progress and they won’t feel as connected to the wave. The Woohoo takes all the benefits of the excellent Wam but puts them into a smaller, easier-to-manage package. This makes it easier for lighter riders to control, whatever the conditions! Perfect in all sizes of wave, the Woohoo offers excellent drive and grip. If you’re having trouble with bigger boards, or just want the ultimate surfboard for women, take a look at the Woohoo…