BWA Rhosneigr Wave Classic 

Event info

The event is set to take place over the weekend of the 14th – 15th May, (Pros only 13th to 15th) however if the forecast isn’t permitting the event will role over to the following weekend, 21st – 22nd May ( Pros only 20th – 22nd May).


To partake in the event, competitors must join the BWA ( explained beneath) before filling out the registration form below. 

An entry fee of: Pro’s £50. Ams, Masters £40. Ladies, Juniors & students £35 will be required from each competitor- on completion of the following form you will be redirected to the payment page.

Event registration will need to be made at least 4 days before the event. Last minute entry’s will be required to contact the shop directly to check they are still able to take part.

The event schedule will be decided once competitors have signed up. Therefor, please ensure a phone number and email are added to the booking as we will be sending out a group message when more details are known regarding the event schedule.

All competitor will receive 10% off the Surf Cafe and Cafe Notos during the event. 

How to start competing 

BWA Guide to Competition Wavesailing (includes the BWA ‘rookie section’)

Look out for registration meeting points and times. Prior to events, these will be clearly detailed on the BWA website ( ).  There 3 Simple steps to competing:

JOIN: The BWA. Through the UKWA website. This will ensure that you covered by our Event insurance as well as offering other great benefits.

ENTER: Pick the event you want to enter and then go online and pay your fee

SIGN IN: When you arrive at the event look out for Registration or Sign in days and times. Only when you have SIGNED in will your name go into the heat draw for that event.


Once registered look and listen out for the first ‘Skippers’ meeting or announcement. If this is not clearly displayed on a board, ask any of the BWA team or riders.



Heat Board Preparation


Once all the entrants have signed in, the Head Judge will write out the heats for each fleet, seeding sailors based on the last 4 ‘rolling’ events, then randomly place everyone else who hasn’t entered before into the heat draws. Remember if you don’t sign in you won’t be drawn.


There is a great deal going on behind the scenes. Head judges liaising with event hosts and organisers to decide formats and timings. Be patient. Once they have a decision it will be communicated to you at the skippers call or announcements.


A Heat Order is also written out and available at the start of each day. Fleets are often intermingled so you can get Pro Heat 1-8 followed by Amateur heats 1-8, then Masters heats 1-8 then back to the Pros for heats 9/10/11 etc…It’s all wonderfully co-ordinated so the finals of each fleet occur back to back at the end of the day (this keeps the media/camera crew happy).


1:         HEAT DRAW

Check the heat board for your name. Then check your nominated rash vest colour. It is essential to get this right as the judges will be looking for your colour when scoring.

2:         RASH VEST

You MUST wear the correct rashvest to be scored. If you proceed to another heat the colour may change so make sure you return to the board after your heat to see what colour you are. ALWAYS return your rashvest immediately following your heat and please NEVER leave the beach with a rash vest.



2 Mins until the start of the next heat


1 minute until the start of the heat.


The light will flash green for the duration of the heat. With 1 minute remaining all lights will be off.


A Flashing red/green light indicates that the heat has been cancelled. Those competing should immediately return to the beach HQ for further instructions

A Flashing red light indicates that the event is postponed or on hold. All competitors should return to the Beach HQ for further instructions.



If the lights fail, they will be replaced with a simple red/ yellow/red flag system.


The competition area will be advised prior to the start and where possible markers will be placed to indicate the competition area. Please do not sail inside the sailing area if you are not in the heat or you may be disqualified from event.

The event schedule will be decided once competitors have signed up. Therefor, please ensure a phone number and email are added to the booking as we will be sending out a group message when more details are know regarding the event schedule.


Why enter?

After a few years of very few competitions, why not get involved? What a great way to spend your weekend, surrounded by likeminded individuals competing in awesome ( hopefully!) conditions.

If thats not enough to convince you heres even more perks..

Competitors get 10% off all food and drink in the Surf Cafe and Cafe Notos, to ensure you stay hydrated and refuelled after those big sessions on the water. A great way to ensure you are ready and fully focused too shred, rather than concentrating on that rumbling belly.

With the last couple of years been a bit of a whirlwind with little events been ran, this is a great opportunity to get involved in the first windsurfing event in Rhosneigr since 2019. 

Plus, get the chance to be in the limelight all weekend! The beach will be filled with professional photographers ready and raring to snap your awesome moves, providing you with photographs you’ll be able to treasure for a lifetime.

Let’s not forget it is a competition and we all know that with competitions comes prizes! We will have some epic prizes up for grabs for event winners. 

It helps improve your riding! If this is your 1st or 50th competition, being out on the water with other talented athletes always helps push your riding ability. You’ll walk away a better more confident sailor.

Windsurfing is a small sport, the world of competitive windsurfing is even smaller therefor its a great way to meet likeminded individuals who share the same passion. There is no doubt by the end of the weekend you’ll be at the pub chatting the night away with new sailing friends! Plus it’s a great way to keep the windsurfing community alive and inspire others to get involved in the sport.

Lastly, if none of these sold it to you, ITS FUN! What a great way to spend a weekend, sailing some awesome conditions ( hopefully!), meeting likeminded individuals and potentially walking away with some epic prizes. Come on scroll down and fill out the form to get involved.

Rhosneigr Windsurfing Wave Classic 2021 Registration Form