Kitesurfing 'First Timers' Strapless Event

At current the weekends forecast looks like we have little wind coming through the bay, meaning that the competition is unlikely go ahead. With that said – we would still love to get everyone together, therefor on the Saturday morning ( if the forecast remains the same) we will meet outside Funsport and go over the theory of the event.

Now don’t you worry that isn’t text books, pens and paper. We will be getting together a group of water enthusiasts to sit and have a coffee while our Duotone team rider Ben Marsden, who will go over exactly how a competition is ran, so you know exactly what to expect on that next big event day!


The event is a casual one-day competition, running on either Saturday or Sunday, depending on weather conditions. The final decision on the competition day will be made on Thursday, the 9th, and announced here and on our social platforms, so stay tuned. Registration for the event closes at 9:00 am on Friday, the 10th, so make sure you get your form filled if you are interested in getting involved. We'll provide further details about the schedule for the event day as we assess competitor interest. So why get involved? It's a fantastic opportunity to participate and learn how to compete if it's something you've always wanted to try but never had the chance to do so! For further information, feel free to call the shop, and one of our staff members will guide you through the event.


It will be £20 per person to enter the event. Interested competitors can sign up via the Google form- link at the top of the page.


The event will be a 2 day window - of which the event will run on the best looking day of the two. Starting at 9am, the morning will consist of teaching and explaining how heats will run, heat draws, event flag systems, scoring and learning about wave priority during heats.

The late morning and afternoon will roll into an event running under the BKSA judging format with 15 minute heats. Heat size will be dependant on numbers.