Our Environmental Commitment

At Funsport Rhosneigr we are committed to minimising our environmental footprint to protect our planet for ourselves and for future generations. We are passionate about protecting the unique natural beauty on our doorstep and are committed to do our bit to preserve the oceans and beaches that are our playground. As a surf shop, we are tied inseparably to climate and the environment, and especially to the ocean. Our position on the west coast of Anglesey exposes us to year-round wind, waves and a mild climate with summers that can be glorious for weeks on end. For watersports enthusiasts and for family vacations, Rhosneigr offers pristine beaches and a clean, unpolluted ocean in which to swim and play. They are our playground, but without action, coastal environments across the globe are sadly increasingly at risk.

Our beachside location means we observe and feel keenly the effects of pollution, litter, and poor environmental practice but we believe we can make a difference. By adapting our practices and encouraging our customers to join us in our efforts we can minimise our environmental footprint and help to maintain the beauty of the local area while also contributing to the protection of the wider. We hope you share our passion for protecting the planet and we hope you can join us in our efforts next time you visit us!

Experience, Enjoy, Protect Our Playground! 


Minimising plastic: The impact of plastics on the environment and particularly our oceans is an issue close to our hearts and as a result wherever possible we are eliminating plastic from the shop as well as offering plastic alternative products to reduce the amount that may end up in landfill, on our beaches or in our oceans.
Encouraging eco-habits: As a central hub in Rhosneigr year-round for locals and visitors alike, we want to widen our impact by helping our customers make more sustainable decisions.

We aim to do this by providing more eco-friendly alternatives, offering facilities to extend the life of ‘old’ items such as wetsuits, and by getting involved in events and initiatives such as litter picks that directly improve our local environment.

Offering greener choices: We are working hard to widen the range of eco-friendly products we have available in store and are working with local businesses such as Inland Sea wherever possible to do this. As we widen our eco-range, we hope we can make it easier to make more environmentally friendly choices when visiting the shop.

Engaging with suppliers: We are also engaging with our suppliers on environmental issues and 

encouraging them to join us in our efforts by minimising their own packaging (especially plastic) wherever possible and deliver more efficiently however they can. This is part of our effort to widen our impact up and down our supply chain.

Improve our ‘Reduce & Recycle’ efforts: We know that we can always improve our internal processes to minimise the amount of waste we produce, as well as ensuring that any waste we cannot eliminate is disposed of correctly and does not end up in landfill or our oceans.

Thinking green as standard: We are passionate about continuing to grow our environmental commitment and pledge to consider our Environmental Policy in every decision that we make.


Stocking Brands that care


Think green: Whether that’s purchasing clothing or a wetsuit in store with us when shopping or dining elsewhere on Anglesey If you’re not sure then ask us in store and we will happily assist and chat through and questions you may have.

Take 3 for the Sea: When visiting on of Anglesey’s idyllic beaches simply pick up and take three (or more, why not!) pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach and be a part of cleaning our oceans. This needn’t just be on the beach either, any item, anywhere that we can prevent from reaching our oceans is a step in the right direction.

Get involved in environmental activities: There are lots of fantastic organisations across the UK doing great work to protect our oceans, why not get involved in a beach clean or set up your own event and help do your bit? A great place to start is with:

– Marine Conservation Society (MCS) http://www.mcsuk.org

– Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) http://www.sas.org.uk

The National Trust   http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk

As well as events run by the above organisations, please also keep a look out in the coming months for our own beach cleans and events that you can get involved in as we look to improve the local environment on our doorstep and keep Rhosneigr Beach clean.

Pack it in, pack it out & protect our playground:

When visiting the beach, we all pack for every eventuality. Buckets and spades, sandwiches, drinks, and a whole host of fun related bits- and-bobs all go into our bags and are unpacked throughout the day – sometimes rapidly and messily by excited kids! To minimise our impact, we encourage checking your area of beach at the end of the day and leave no trace by packing out everything that you have brought that morning. We are currently looking into ways we can help assist this process and make it easier to green at the beach, but for now we encourage all beachgoers to leave no trace of their visit and dispose of any waste that cannot be recycled at home into the bins provided at the bottom of Beach Road.


To help power our journey towards sustainability we have created an environmental policy document that outlines our goals for the future and will help us to keep on track with our efforts. Our policy has been built through consultation with our staff and we believe it represents us as a team and our passion to protect the planet. Continuous improvement is something that we care about as a business and as we progress with our efforts, we will update our policy and webpage to reflect new goals and ongoing initiatives.

The document can be found by clicking on the Environmental Policy Below.

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