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About the area

The South West facing beach can be ridden in almost every wind direction, however, the ideal wind direction is South to southwest winds which provide port tack jumping and wave riding, ( if you prefer port tack wave riding the bay also works well in north to north westerlies). The bay picks up swell accelerating up the Irish channel, which if you’re looking to wave sail is best sailed on mid-tide when the waves push up.

Lighter wind days create flat safe inviting waters which provide a brilliant place to learn to sail due to the gentle shelving slope into the water. This provides a great learning area for beginners whilst the flat open waters are perfect playground for intermediate sailors looking to perfect skills whilst getting to grips with coastal waters in a safe environment.

To best navigate the water at Rhosniger, ask our friendly staff for any further information regarding the area, considering it does have a large tidal range- so checking high and low tide from the above forcast would be advised!

The tidal range can hide certain features so if your unfamiliar with the area check out the beach at low tide to scope it out. Equally feel free to come in Funsport and ask one of our friendly knowledgable staff to explain the area.

If you want to find out more about the current forecast and wind, always feel free to ring up and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.

Tidal Clock

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